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Four Times the Chelsea

This activity follows lessons learned in "Four Times the Chelsea."

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Activity Recommendations

Individual activity supervised by an adult.

What You'll Need
  • Picture of your child
  • Magazine pictures or printed images from a computer
  • Construction paper
  • Crayons or markers
  • Glue and yarn
  • Cardboard and hole punch
What To Do
  1. Talk about your child’s favorite things, like foods, activities, and colors. Ask them, “Do all children like the same things?” Can they think of friends who like different things?
  2. Have your child make a picture of something he or she likes and also choose pictures from magazines. Ask your child to describe the picture. Write down the descriptive words used.
  3. Create a “Your Own Way” book. Hole punch several pieces of paper and tie them together with yarn. Let your child give the book a title like, “My Favorite Stuff,” or something that indicates different kids like different things. Glue the pictures into the book and start a collection of your child’s favorite things. Share the book to learn what other people like.
Discussion Questions
  • When Chelsea ends up with three clones who are exactly like her to work on a puzzle, does she have an easier time solving it? Why?
  • What does Chelsea realize about having friends who are exactly like her?
Follow-Up Activities

To discuss different points of view, play "What Would It Be Like to Be?" For example, show a picture of Chelsea's dog and ask, "What would it be like to be Honey?" Honey has four legs, fur, and communicates by barking. Choose other favorite characters to play with.


Who Took the Farmer’s Hat? by Joan L. Nodset (HarperCollins, 1963)
The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs, by Jon Scieszka (Puffin, 1989)


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